Financial Operations

Sept 22, 2015

Reval launches offering for banks to support corporate treasury services

Copenhagen--Large and medium-size banks will be able to offer rich corporate banking services cost-effectively through their web-based portals, using Reval INSIDE from Reval, a global provider of a scalable cloud platform for corporate treasury and risk management (TRM). Reval INSIDE is the third package launched this year, leveraging functionality from the Reval Cloud Platform.

“Banks are coming to Reval for help in expanding their self-service offerings to corporates for the same reason corporates are coming to us directly,” explains Guenther Peer, vice-president, treasury services business operations at Reval. “Corporates are feeling the effects of globalization and are demanding more advanced capabilities for achieving cash visibility and managing and optimizing their cash.”

Reval INSIDE is designed exclusively for banks to enrich their existing web-based corporate banking services. Functionality includes Cash Management, Cash Forecasting, Global Cash Pooling, Investment Sweeping, and a unique offering called Core Balance Manager, which helps banks incentivize their corporate clients and attract valuable corporate deposits. A pre-configured package of modules that integrates into a bank’s existing web-based offering, Reval INSIDE enables banks to get to market faster and more cost-effectively than if they were to build it themselves. Banks can choose to either white label the offering or retain the Reval brand, which is recognized globally by corporates and industry analysts as the leading cloud provider of advanced capabilities for corporate treasury and risk management.

“One of the critical things clients are often looking for is efficient liquidity management – being able to use cash that they generate in some markets to support the growth of their businesses in other markets. Core to that is our bank’s ability to set up pooling structures that can operate within countries, across regions, and globally, and Reval provides us the engine to do that effectively. The system gives us tremendous functionality, and it has enabled us to compete very effectively by providing those types of solutions to our core clients,” says Victor Penna, managing director, head of corporate sales & treasury solutions, transaction banking at Standard Chartered Bank, an international banking group, with more than 86,000 employees and a 150-year history in some of the world’s most dynamic markets.

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