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October 1, 2014

Intermap Technologies releases InsitePro v2.2 SaaS for insurers

DENVER, CO–Intermap Technologies, a provider of location-based solutions, has released InsitePro v2.2, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) location-based risk assessment product for insurance underwriters worldwide. This version of InsitePro includes an underwriting module that provides property insurance underwriters with a powerful means to evaluate individual locations for flood risk and other perils anywhere in the world.

For underwriters and insurance brokers working with properties in the U.S., the product offers instant and easy access to the entire FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) library. It provides a direct report of the FEMA zone for an individual property, along with a fully interactive map showing the entire FEMA zone and the specific terrain within the zone. It also allows comparison to other flood models for a more complete understanding of risk.

"Property insurance underwriting is a location-based decision making process that relies heavily on accurate integration of geospatial and hazard information," says Ivan Maddox, Intermap's InsitePro product manager. "Intermap's InsitePro software provides valuable tools and information for brokers and carriers to be successful, regardless of where they are brokering or writing insurance. For those working with U.S.-based properties, the ability to quickly refer to FEMA ratings is extremely helpful."

InsitePro leverages Intermap's best-in-class NEXTMap and NEXTMap World 30elevation datasets. Point-specific ground elevation allows users to go beyond flood models to better understand the risk of flood by determining heights above flood elevation, flow routes from rivers to buildings, and safer locations for new infrastructure and buildings.

Flooding is a recurring threat around the world, with over $2 trillion worth of property exposed to flood damage annually. InsitePro provides four major benefits to help manage and explain flood exposure:

  • Quickly and easily analyze locations for risk of flood, wildfire, and other perils

  • Visualize locations and their proximity to risk zones

  • Leverage dependable ground elevations to qualify flood risk with profiles and distances

  • Visualization tool for sales people to present a picture of risk to their clients


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