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November 7 , 2014

Targeted data attacks set to proliferate globally

Ottawa, ON--Targeted attacks will become rampant from more countries as hackers successfully target victims around the world, says 'Trend Micro Security Predictions for 2015 and Beyond: The Invisible Becomes Visible' a annual predictions report by Trend Micro Incorporated.

According to the report, targets attack campaignswill continue to multiply in 2015, after cybercriminals had noteworthy 2014 breaches via targeted attacks in the U.S. and  China. Trend Micro's threat defense experts predict hackers within countries such as Vietnam, UK, and India will pursue the use of targeted attacks.

"What we are seeing today is the brutal measures cybercriminals are using to steal information," says Raimund Genes, CTO, Trend Micro. "Following the success of targeted attacks from Chinese and Russian cybercriminals, hackers from other countries will regard cyber-attacks as a more practical method to grab a foothold in an organization.

"If 2014 has taught us anything, it is that the only safe assumption is everyone will have a breach. Organizations will struggle to keep up with the heightened volume and growing distribution of data," says Mark Nunnikhoven, vice-president of cloud and emerging technologies for Trend Micro. "Malicious actors continue to have easy access to advanced tools and techniques to multiply their criminal efforts. Organizations that prepare their defenses with this in mind will be more successful than those who do not."

Highlights from the 2015 predictions report include:

  • More cybercriminals will turn to darknets and exclusive-access forums to share and sell crimeware.

  • Increased cyber activity will translate to better, bigger, and more successful hacking tools and attempts.

  • Exploits kits will target Android, as mobile vulnerabilities play a bigger role in device infection.

  • Targeted attacks will become as prevalent as cybercrime.

  • New mobile payment methods will introduce new threats.

  • We will see more attempts to exploit vulnerabilities in open source apps.

  • Technological diversity will save  Internet of Everything  devices from mass attacks but the same won't be true for the data they process.

  • More severe online banking and other financially motivated threats will surface.

The report also forecasts a continued increase in the exploitation of smart devices such as smart cameras, appliances, and TV's as cybercriminals become more aggressive at targeting these platforms as well as the organizations that manage the data.

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