February 24, 2016

Newswire offers guide to becoming a data-driven CMO by connecting with finance

TORONTO--With the massive shifts in the marketing industry over the past few decades, CFOs and CEOs are now asking more of their marketing teams. Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) need to adjust their ways of thinking in order to produce the measured and quantifiable results that the executives now expect. Embracing data is the one of the most effective ways that a CMO can do this and with a variety of measurement tools and applications available to them; they can evaluate exactly how much their marketing efforts have contributed to revenue and the bottom line.

In a CNW published white paper, Meeting Demand: A Guide to Becoming a Data-Driven CMO, Ken Wincko, SVP of Marketing at PR Newswire, CNW's parent company, discusses important metrics that the new data-driven CMO should be engaging.

The white paper also explores how to glean this data to gain a detailed insight that can guide decision making and help achieve strategic goals.

"As a CMO, you're only as smart as the data you have about your buyers…You need to figure out how to package it up in the best ways and deliver it to the right people to support decision-making." – Ken Wincko, SVP of Marketing, PR Newswire.

The key to do so is focusing your attention on six key areas:

> Content
> Data
> Technology
> Process
> Distribution
> People

Focusing your attention on these fundamental areas will help you to re-orient your approach to marketing in order to become a data-driven CMO. By quantifying marketing campaign results, CMOs can demonstrate exactly how much marketing activities have contributed to revenue and this is essential to prove the true value of these activities and aid in strategic decision making processes.

For a detailed look at the metrics that a data-driven CMO should be using as well as how this data can be gleaned to gain insights, download the CNW white paper today, Meeting Demand: A Guide to Becoming a Data-Driven CMO.

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