February 5, 2014

Seal to provide complete contract picture to IBM Emptoris users, improving ROI

SAN FRANCISCO--Seal Software, the leading provider of solutions to discover, capture, extract and analyze contracts, today announced a strategic partnership agreement with IBM Emptoris Contract Management. The partnership will allow IBM to utilize Seal's unique, automated Contract Discovery solution to strengthen the IBM Emptoris Contract Management offering. Customers will benefit from automated legacy contract and agreement discovery across the enterprise, enabling rapid migration to Emptoris. The solution will also improve contract analysis, providing accurate prioritization for deeper contract review.

"Contract management is being extended beyond authoring and active management of current supplier, customer and partner agreements. This is a significant trend that is fast becoming a best practice in many of the largest and most successful organizations around the world," said Jason Busch, co-founder of Spend Matters and group managing director of Azul Partners. "By partnering with IBM Emptoris, a contract management market leader, Seal gains a force multiplier effect on its ability to influence a broad set of companies with its truly unique contract discovery capabilities. In Spend Matters' opinion, Seal's approach has already shown us that the path to the next level of contract management excellence involves tightly embedding contract discovery, analytics and compliance within contract management suites."

The partnership, effective immediately, will help legal, procurement and commercial teams ensure they are able to benefit from the carefully negotiated terms and conditions of thousands of contracts. Contracts that once executed are all too often filed and forgotten.

"The ability to provide businesses with unparalleled visibility and control of their contracts, while simultaneously allowing them to mitigate risk and maximize revenue opportunities, is only truly possible with complete contract visibility and comprehensive contract lifecycle management," said Ulf Zetterberg, CEO and founder, Seal Software. "Working with IBM Emptoris, Seal is able to complete the picture for their customers."

Seal Software's Contract Discovery and Analytics platform helps companies maximize revenue opportunities and reduce expenses and costs associated with contracts, and contract management systems and processes.

Seal Contract Discovery locates contractual documents within minutes wherever they reside within an organization and is rapidly deployable; extracting key contractual terms and clauses, rendering them for easy review, and populating corporate repositories, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Seal Contract Analytics empowers clients to analyze contracts by discovering specific language and clause combinations that are most relevant to your business.



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