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December 13, 2013

Chaordix announces major release of enterprise-ready crowdsourcing platform: Crowd Intelligence 2.0

CALGARY--Shelley Kuipers, Chaordix founder and chief executive officer announced Chaordix Crowd Intelligence 2.0, the latest major release of its cloud-hosted enterprise marketing technology platform. Building upon the strengths of the previous version, the new Chaordix offering brings unprecedented capabilities to support the scale, speed, administration, analytics and security requirements of global high-performance crowdsourcing communities.

"Since 2006, Chaordix has had the distinct honour of working with forward-thinking brands, partners and organizations who have embraced crowdsourcing to drive predictive innovation with global communities of employees, customers, citizens, and industry stakeholders," said Shelley. "With this latest release, our enterprise software platform is ready to deliver on our clients' vision for massive crowd innovation communities (MCIC) - unique crowdsourcing communities with millions of engaged participants around the world."

Chaordix has coined the term "MCIC" (massive crowd innovation community) to describe the emergent phenomenon of harnessing the collective wisdom and creativity of global crowdsourcing communities. This capability is further disintermediating fundamental processes related to a broad range of business practices including market intelligence gathering, employee engagement systems, product innovation de-risking, and customer experience design.

Gary Schultz, Chaordix Chief Technology Officer (CTO), introduced the latest platform's capabilities, "Our team has built a high-performance crowd engine and advanced architecture that can support the needs of public international insights communities as readily as it can manage smaller private co-creation communities comprised of select prosumers."

Key Chaordix Crowd Intelligence(TM) 2.0 platform highlights include:

-- Single Sign-On
-- User Management & Provisioning
-- Proprietary Participant Achievement Framework
-- Customizable Gamification Algorithms
-- Real-Time Business Analytics
-- Data Visualization Dashboards
-- Comprehensive Search
-- VPN Integration
-- Enterprise Software Integration
-- Range of Global Hosting Options
-- Regulatory & Security Compliance
-- Regional Data Segregation for Regulatory Compliance
-- Advanced Responsive Design for Mobile & Tablet Platforms
-- Robust Application Suite

Chaordix uses the power of crowdsourcing to help the world's leading companies and organizations gain sustained community engagement and predictive intelligence. Our Crowd Intelligence(TM) community solutions are helping a global clientele including P&G, IBM, FutureBrand, KPMG, American Airlines, Virgin and Reckitt Benckiser leverage our unique crowdsourcing technology and methodology to drive team insights programs, b2b forums, brand development initiatives, sustainability challenges, and product innovation communities



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