April 21, 2014

Dalmac Energy implementing electronic dispatching, invoicing system

EDMONTON--John Babic, President and CEO of Dalmac Energy Inc. says the company has began the implementation of an electronic dispatching and invoicing system that is expected to improve productivity and significantly reduce operating costs and expenses.

The new system will provide Dalmac with real-time visibility of its equipment, trucks, and workforce. Notable advantages include:

•electronic workorder and invoicing,

•real time fleet monitoring via cell and satellite,

•real time equipment warning alerts for equipment malfunctions which will reduce extensive repair costs and improve fleet life.

•improved fuel tracking, insurance savings, reduced overhead labour costs

Once the system is fully implemented management will know precisely where each piece of equipment is, how long it has been operating, speed at which equipment is traveling, and the appropriate billable time. Apart from real time monitoring of the fleet the new software will also be used to book equipment, generate field tickets and invoices, and also schedule repairs and track maintenance history.

The full benefit of this automation initiative will be felt over the course of the 2015 fiscal year but immediate savings will commence this summer with the goal of achieving $1 million in annual savings. It is management's expectations that this system will not only reduce operating costs and expenses but will also help boost revenue and drive gross profit margins back into the 30's percentile.

February and March activity levels have been robust pre-Spring break-up. The Company is making a concerted effort to improve the penetration of its newly acquired equipment while continuing to focus on cost control and efficiencies to boost margins.



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