April 1, 2014

New mobile application allows instant insurance claim processing

QUEBEC CITY--Smartphone users looking for practical solutions now have a mobile application for submitting their auto and home insurance claims. The new application guides the client through the simple steps of an insurance claim. The app has three modules: the joint report (on the scene of the accident involving two vehicles), the auto insurance claim (one vehicle involved) and the home insurance claim.

A claims adjuster at their fingertips
After customrs enter some basic information, take a photo of their driver's licence and proof of insurance, use geo-localization to pinpoint the exact location of the accident and record a statement of events and the statement of any witnesses, where applicable; the information is sent immediately to the parties involved.

Not only is the application free, but SSQauto goes even further and offers it to the general public, whether they are insured with SSQauto or not. For SSQauto insureds, the claims adjuster will receive all the information required to begin processing the claim quickly. People who are not insured with SSQauto will receive the same information about the accident, which they can then forward on to their insurer.

"We understand that any claim comes with its share of concerns. We make it our duty to offer effective and modern solutions for fast insurance claims settlement," said Gilles Mourette, CEO of SSQauto. "Users of our mobile app will have access to the equivalent of a claims adjuster at their fingertips, around the clock, propelling our quality customer service to new heights," he concluded.

The claims process using SSQauto's mobile application is secure, from the first to the last step, and in terms of confidentiality and privacy, it complies with the best practices in the industry.

Our desire to make strides in customer experience
With this new application, SSQauto asserts its leadership in the implementation of modern digital tools that push the standards of customer experience in the general insurance industry to new heights. This innovative initiative comes in the wake of the overwhelmingly successful Body Shop Direct program launched in January 2013. SSQauto was the first insurer in the country to develop an online tool offering privileged real time access to body shops allowing SSQauto insureds to monitor the evolution of each stage of repair on their vehicle following a claim.

SSQauto has been providing auto, home, and business insurance coverage to group members and individuals in Quebec for more than twenty-five years. With its very competitive rates, unmatched service, and state-of-the-art technology, SSQauto strives to redefine industry standards as it continues to develop and grow.

With over $3 billion in annual revenue and nearly $11 billion in assets under management, SSQ Financial Group is a leading mutual diversified financial institution in Canada.

The Group serves over 1 million clients and provides jobs to more than 2,000 employees. SSQ, Life Insurance Company Inc., the Group's principal company, is recognized as a leader in the group insurance industry and as an expert in the investment and retirement sector. SSQ Financial Group is also a rising star in auto and home insurance under the SSQ General Insurance Company Inc. banner and has expanded into the individual insurance market thanks to its subsidiary, SSQ Insurance Company Inc.



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