April 25, 2016

LendingArch launches online lending platform LendingArch.ca

Calgary--LendingArch, an emerging Canadian FinTech company officially launched its online lending platform Lendingarch.ca in Canada. Developed with proprietary underwriting and behavioral technology, LendingArch.ca provides customized, affordable loan options and financial advancement to Canadians.

Arti Modi is the visionary Founder & CEO of LendingArch. She created the company after feeling frustrated with the current financial eco-system and seeing financially responsible borrowers being marginalized and overlooked by traditional banks.

"We created LendingArch to revolutionize the financial service space and bridge the gap. We are a customer-centric platform that not only provides you with better options than the current financial eco-system, but also one that helps improve your financial health long-term. We are helping people re-imagine their financial future. If you are raising a family, consolidating debt, paying off your credit cards or a millennial looking to plan your future post-college, LendingArch is the solution for you," said Arti Modi, CEO, LendingArch.

"A modern financial lender like LendingArch sees the customer as more than just a series of numbers - we invest in the person not the loan," she added. "As a result, we are taking aim at a half-a-trillion-dollar Canadian consumer debt problem, and evolving an antiquated borrowing system by blending new technology in real-time, with non-traditional data, and creating a hyper-personalized customer service platform that values people's future potential. This all leads to lower rates, personalized finance products and transparency that especially put our customers' needs first."

We want people to live in a world where they can thrive. We want people to know banks are not the only ones lending. And we are giving ordinary people like us, the extraordinary opportunity for financial advancement.

LendingArch.ca is a marketplace lending platform that rewards financially responsible Canadians with hyper-personalized, affordable loan options. Devised for a genesis of new thinking consumers, LendingArch is humanizing the financial eco-system and creating innovative financial health programmes driven by non-traditional data. LendingArch was founded by an ensemble of global entrepreneurs, investment architects and is spearheaded by a team of expert millennials in the financial technology space.



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